One Step Forward!

50 th BLOG POST!!!

Yay!!! Hurrah to me and all my readers and mentors! It was really a wonderful experience writing a blog and this is the 50th post. I can’t believe I am here typing my 50th blog post.

Its been 7 months since I started this blog and you all have been great audience for me. Thanks to all out there who had spent their valuable time reading my blogs and giving me their valuable opinions for me to be better.

The most precious thing people can give to you is their time. And you all gave me your time and I am really grateful for this.


So its time to break some truths. When I started this blog , It was not a planned one. I was just reading Crush It! By Gary Vaynerchuk and I came to know about wordpress and I just started it without any thoughts.

I was not ready for a blog or a podcast or a vlog or anything at all. I was having a tough time then. I was falling apart. I was on rage and depression and I wanted to do something. I wanted to concentrate on something.

I was neither using any form of social medias then. I wanted to do something.I wanted to concentrate and convert all those rage and anger into something productive. But I had nothing to do and I was reading books all the time.

I was reading and reading and reading and watching videos on youtube. I got to know so much about social media marketing and influencing. I came to know about how these things work and how this world moves now.

So I just wanted to be a part of it. Just wanted to try something. Do something productive. I read about wordpress in Crush It! and I thought wordpress might workout for me. I instantly opened my website.

I typed my first blog and I still remember the excitement I had while typing it. It is fresh in my memories. Back then I had many dreams and goals and I was doing nothing about it. While typing my first blog, I had the excitement that I am doing something that might help get there. The place I had always dreamt of.

I still remember that day and that day I was really motivated and I wanted try things. I was back on social media and I started trying video tubing and podcasting and quotes and all those stuffs.

I would proudly say that all these things are never a waste of time. I earned a lot of like minded people and lot of experiences while blogging. I am so grateful for all this and I am overwhelmed and positive.

What do I wish to say now?

This blog is not only for thanking all of you guys for the support and mockery and criticism. I just wanted all people out there to take that one step.

I know there are people out there, who are highly motivated and highly skilled, not taking that one step forward. There may be a lot of reasons for that, but I just wanted to say that take one step.


Whatever it is, it might be sports, fitness, public speaking or even asking out a girl. Just take that one step and give it a try.

You might fail or you will fail. Its okay to fail, as long as you won’t die or fatally injure yourself if you fail.(as like in stunt shows)

Go out there and get a kick in your balls and comeback again and practise and go out again and get you balls kicked again. Its a constant cycle of getting kicked in your balls. And only thing matters is the first time. After the first time you will be ready to get kicked.

Most of people refuse to do, just because of their DIFFIDENCE!! and they give way more thought about what other people will think.

I want all of you to remember that there are no perfectionists in anything in the world. All people had started and took that one step forward at some point of their life. For me ,luckily I had something to take my mind off (to which I am eternally grateful).

I want all of you to find that one thing , that will make you take that one step forward. get that thing.  Plant yourself right there. Get started. I know its all confusing and dizzy. But once you start you will start finding your path by yourself.

Take one step and you will start tracing paths or you will start making your own path.

I might have not been a great blogger and I am not a great blogger yet. But that will not stop me from blogging. I have improved a lot of my writing skills while comparing to when I started. That’s what matters. The end game is the big thing, the process which takes you there is what matters.

And constantly through the process , you will find like minded people and get a lot of good and bad experiences and you will enjoy each and every moment of it.

Remember guys Stats are Shit!! and those people who bully you are shit. They got no better things to do than bullying you. But you have some things to do. Go take that single step and I am sure you will take a 1000 steps from there on your own.


And yes , my journey is not over it. I just started and 50 posts is just a sawdust before what I have in mind. But I am grateful for this and I wish to do atleast a 100 by the end of 1st year of this blog. Once again a big shoutout to you all.

I just wanted to thank you all. And I want the best for you all and I want all of  you to start now. Not tomorrow , not one hour later but now.


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Alive is Awesome!

One chapter into Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck by Mark Manson I feel the change already. I recommend all of my readers to read that book.

So ‘Alive is Awesome’. What about this one? This is no way related to Subtle Art of Not Giving  a Fuck. But I will do one from Subtle Art after reading the whole book.


So I was on my way back to home from my room. And I was travelling by a train and this thought of being alive is awesome came to my mind.

Travelling alone is really a blessing and I feel so positive today. I feel so lucky and I feel like I can win, lose, fall, get up and still feel grateful about it all , for I am still alive and breathing. And Alive is awesome.

I was thinking about a lot of things then. About life, about future, about science and a lot and a lot. But one thing that strike me hard was that I am alive for thinking about all these stuffs.

I am very much alive. Eating, walking, sleeping, breathing and all. How blessed I should be to become one in 400 trillion? And If I think about it deep enough, one thing I and we all do is complaining about things we don’t have. We should be grateful instead of complaining.


This thing was blowing from my head. Why are we not so grateful this life? And we can answer this by one simple word “HUMAN NATURE”. We are all just humans. We take things usually for granted, especially the things that come for free.

And yes this life was given to his free. Maybe that’s why we are not grateful for it. People out there not satisfied the things they have should start understanding that Time is Running!

Your are getting older day by day and you might think that the day you will be 50 years old is far away. It will happen in a snap. And you might not really feel good at that time if you had nothing in life but regret and ambitions.

Being ambitious is fine , yet you need to feel how blessed you are and how grateful you should be for this life. Most people can only dream of what you have now. And having a high ambition , if you shit about everything you have now, I am pretty sure you might not end up happy in the end.

Have high ambitions, be bold , be happy and chase your dreams. But don’t forget to look around while on your way. Be grateful for everything you got. Never take anything for granted.

It is good in theory that while chasing your dreams, go straight and never look back or sideways. But in the end if you look back you might have only a guy working his ass off his whole life and not grateful for what he had and not enjoying life.

Its okay to take a break and do dumb shit. Make some memories to cherish in the future. Be grateful for the thing you have now in your hand. Don’t treat people and things you have now like shit while pursuing something greater.

Alive is awesome. Feel it!


Well I am about to talk about one of the most controversial topics that exists in India. While starting this blog , I told myself “No topics of controversy and politics”.But this needs to be spoken and people must be educated about this.

Yes its Deepavali time and the talk about bursting crackers is already all through the internet. It has become the talk of the hour. People already started blabbering about these things on TV shows.

Yet there is no conclusion. What is the right thing to do?

So those of you don’t know about deepavali or commonly called diwali. It is the festival of lights.


So why is this festival celebrated? This is a hindu festival. It is celebrated based on one of the Hindu mythological stories. Its interpreted by people based on which part they live.

  • In northern India they celebrate the story of King Rama’s return to Ayodhya after he defeated Ravana by lighting rows of clay lamps.
  • Southern India celebrates it as the day that Lord Krishna defeated the demon Narakasura.
  • In western India the festival marks the day that Lord Vishnu, the Preserver (one of the main gods of the Hindu trinity) sent the demon King Bali to rule the nether world.

So why did a festival became a topic of controversy? During this festival (usually 3 days atleast) people have the habit of bursting explosives and crackers to celebrate whatever it is.

I too did these things when I was a child. It was really fun, no denying. We used to burst explosives worth about atleast INR 3000. Little did I know as a child that these explosives release toxic gases such as oxides of nitrogen and sulphur.

This is why it has become a topic of controversy. The governments of the world is strictly in the move to reduce pollution in any form and moving towards sustainability. So releasing such large amount of pollutants into the air is undesirable.

So the government started imposing rules to regulate this pollution. Recently the Supreme court has regulated the time for bursting explosives. The regulation stated “People are allowed to burst explosives from 8pm to 10pm.”

This led to a great outrage among people. WHY? It all comes to one point. India is a secular country where people have the full freedom their choose their own religion and India is a country with majority Hindus.

So the Hindus or who knows ‘the so called Hindus’ started asking questions like “why banning explosives only on Hindu festival? What about christmas? What about New year?” and one of the most stupid question “365 days of industrial activities and they say diwali causes pollution?”

I don’t know really know where this thought came from or I don’t really care about the damned politics behind this thing. I just want to educate people scientifically on this thing. NO religion or No politics, just science.

India has a population of about 1.5 billion and most of them being hindus, they all celebrate diwali. Most of them being youth and kids, they burst explosives releasing NOx and SOx into the atmosphere. This only leaves us with one to two weeks of breathing toxic gases. Nothing else.All your hard earned money  burst to ashes and becomes killer.

Lets take an example.Coming to Delhi, we all know that it is one of the most polluted cities in India. People are advised to wear masks while travelling through delhi, because the air is polluted so much there.

In order to reduce the pollution the government had introduced strict norms and sustainable methods of transport in Delhi. If Delhi still leads in same condition, people will start getting affected.

With such a big problem in head, all we people really want to do is burst explosives and increase the toxicity of the air in our capital city and create more pollution and more diseases and more problems.

If seen in a religious point of view , this thing might offend you. But seen in a scientific point of view the right thing to do is not burst explosives at all. You might go back to the same silly question “Why only hindu festival?”.

I agree that the government is doing a mistake by regulating the explosive only during diwali and not during other festivals. It must take steps to reduce explosive usage on all occasions. Agreed totally. But keep in mind the majority population are Hindus.

Remember the amount of pollution we will be able to reduce if we all join hands and reduce explosive usage drastically. This is a high time. We live in a time where sustaining has become a problem.

There is no place for religion, caste or race. Its really a great challenge for us to sustain in this fragile planet or should I say the planet that we made fragile. We should be scientific more than religious. This is the endgame.

I might have been wrong or I might have offended your religious feeling, but truth must be spoken. I am not asking you not to enjoy life. I am just asking you to save the earth so that the future generations might live well too.

Play the longterm game. Think scientific. I did a lot of research on this and I have data supporting my stand in this specific topic. So think beyond religion and shit and start thinking as a human being.



One thing I’m proud of!

Its been long! No complaining or no reasons given. My bad. I’m back this time with a short and quick read. This blog might be short but it has depth in it and I’m opening my heart out here.

I want everyone to ask yourself. What is one thing that I’m proud of in life? And don’t search for answers outside or don’t ask anyone. Ask yourself and answer to yourself. be honest and if you feel like that you are not proud of anything you did in life ,its high time you start doing shit you like.

I have many questions from many people and many discussions with people about this. We usually talk about the purpose of life. So what is the purpose of life?

The worst you could do to find answer to this question is ask other people’s opinion. I am telling you from experience. Please do not try to find answers from other people’s opinion.

One friend even told me that there is no assigned purpose to life. He said we are here just to sustain human race. I mean OH MY GOD! I have distanced myself from him. Really all that 400 trillion to one is to reproduce and die?

So every life here has a purpose and being born a human ,I feel I am blessed and I need to something useful with this life. Not just live and die. And the purpose is defined by you. Not your parents, not your friend but you.

People might ask “Really, do you think that is your purpose?”. But fuck them all. Its your life. I would remove those people indefinitely from your life. You will be better and positive in achieving your purpose.

So What is one thing I’m proud of? What is the greatest achievement in my life till date?

I did participate in a public speaking competition recently. I did not win but I did outperform myself. But that is not what I’m proud of.

I blogged and did improve myself and my blogging skills. But that is not what I’m proud of.

I am a good decision maker and made best decisions till now and there is no decision that I regret in life. But that is not what I’m proud of.

So what is the thing? So I started this blog nearly at the beginning of February. Its been nearly a year and I am really grateful that I have influenced a lot of people for good.


I am of proud of being a influencer. And I guess this what I feel like doing for the rest of my life.

I influenced 5 people to start a blog. I have guided them in these things.They are doing great and I want them to be consistent in it.

I made 5 people to do a stage appearance. I talked with them and made them overcome their stage fear and I made them climb a stage for the first time in their life.

I made a lot of contacts with people all over the world. No one will believe me if I said I have a friend in El Sedungo, California. But the truth is I have one. We have never met , but we are still friends.

I have a friend in Maharastra and I gave him the spark of starting a podcast and now he is doing really great with a lot of people following him.

Its really great that I am part in the life of a lot of people. I am grateful for it and I think I will continue to spread positivity and love. I am proud that I inspired people for the good.

As Simon Sinek says Inspire someone everyday

#influencerlife #peace

One fault with the Gary Vee formula!

This blog is inspired and written after watching a video created by  Graham Stephen . Graham is a 27 year old real estate agent and content creator.That video was an eye opener and that made me do this blog and share my perspective about it.

Here’s the youtube link to the video : the problem with gary vaynerchuk

I am sure he might have received a lot of hate from GaryVee’s loyal fans. I am a fan of Gary too and I found this point to be so compelling.  I might receive a lot of hate for this too. But honestly I don’t care. I think most people will share my opinion on this point.

I have been going through a lot lately and I was thinking thinking and thinking for a long time. I have been thinking all through nights.I had this question ‘What the fuck is happening in my life?’. I had this emptiness in my heart. I like my work and studies and things. But still I was not satisfied. I felt like I was not doing enough. I felt like I am wasting away.

So what was the reason for this feeling. What was the reason for this emptiness? I had no clue. I was searching for answers. I was talking to myself crazily. And finally after days of emptiness and a odd feeling in my heart, I finally did came to a conclusion.

I was not myself lately. I was living a life dictated by the so called successful people. A part of the learning curve. I started to understand myself a lot. I  was just losing myself in the process. And after a serious discussion with myself and my mentor (None other than my sister), I finally came to a conclusion.

I found I was overdoing myself. I needed a break. I needed a break from all the work. I wanted to spend some time doing some dumb shit with my friends and family. I wanted to spend time relaxing and chilling.

So the reason for that depression and emptiness was that I was losing myself in the process. So who is Srinivas? Srinivas was a guy who is an extrovert and he was a cool guy who socialize easily. But lately I was so introverted and I was not socializing at all. I kept myself away from people. I was hell bent in working. I was so selectively social.

And definitely that was not me. I loved to work and I loved blogging everyday and all the stuffs. But one thing is that I was losing my personal life. Sometimes my friends felt that  might end up lonely guy throughout my life  if I continued this way.

So if I go to the root cause of this problem, its just because I was deluded by the internet success stories and sort of things. I was deluded by the work life without understanding that personal life makes us what we are. I was deluded by Elon Musk working 120 hours a week.

So after listening a lot of success and failure stories and a lot of contents, I wanted to work like hell. So i did work like hell and I was productive for some weeks. I was consistent and all and I was happy. But eventually I started having this odd feeling.But I ignored it and was again working. But this time I was less productive.

So the root cause was that I believed in success formulas from guys like Gary, Tai Lopez and more and more. I implemented all of those things in my life and was firing up. But after all I am just  human being. I like going to the movies. I like chilling in my weekend.

I am not going to just win in life to look back and see no memories made but only work. Its ok to take a break. Its okay to enjoy life. Its ok to live the moment. Don’t be too hard on yourself in the young age. Have fun.

For all we know we have one life and we can’t be just successful and filled with regret of not doing this and that at 60 years. I want a life where I am successful both personally and professionally. Not just a life with an Rolls Royce at my front and no memories to cherish and look back.

So what is the one fault in the Gary Vee formula?

Youtube link : Ask GaryVee

Watch this video and you will see Gary explains the success formula. He says just to keep our heads down and work and work and work and don’t care about what any others think. Great piece of advise. He also says that he worked 18 hours a day in his liquor store during his 20’s without even enjoying the weekends.

Huge respect to him. With distractions all around he worked his ass off.  But one thing people don’t understand that it was his success formula. It worked out for him, so he applies this formula to his everyday life and multiplies success and money.

But it is not necessary that it should work out for other too. People need to understand that he loved that 18 hours work day and so he did it. Not necessary that you should like 18 hours work per day too. You might want to work just 10 hours a day.

In the video the user asks a question ” What will be your advise to 25 year old gary? ” to which Gary replies ” Go have some fun dumbass. Its okay to go to Vegas and play poker”.

I won’t say that he regretted not having fun. But surely he thinks that he might have spent atleast a few weeks or few days hanging out with friends. So that’s the thing guys. Even a guy like Gary missed it. He might like the 18 hours work day and might be pumped all day long.

But it is not necessary that you should too. Its okay if you sleep at 10 and get up at 5. Its cool not posting ‘grind life’ at 3 am in the morning. Go get some relaxation dumbass. There’s a lot of time.

Please don’t apply all the success formulas to your life. Derive your own success formula.

Its ok not to work 15 hours day. You will surely succeed even at a slower pace. Go out. Socialize. Get along with people. Go to the movies. Hang out with your friends on the weekend. Go find love. Spend time with your family and partner.

Everything will be great. Just have a good and healthy personal life. Never be hell bent in work and never regret spending some quality time with friends and family. It wasreally a hard learnt lesson for me. There were days of emptiness and anxiety which you will never want to experience. That’s why I am posting this blog.

I want my readers to be happy and successful at the same time.

Take rest. Spend time doing dumb shit. Have fun. Its okay not to work all the time.


The Most Addictive DRUG!


Somehow , somewhere I tasted the most addictive drug in the world. It was so addictive that I lost myself to it. Its so much addictive that I want to try it once more. It was so compelling and ah! it has so much more than addiction. I want each and every one of you to try it.

It is not easily available. You cannot get your hands on it so easily. It takes more than that. And I was able to do it. I did my best to get my hands on it and try it. And I tried it. You wanna know how did it feel?

It was the best feeling ever in the world. I bet people using other drugs like alcohol, weed and kinda stuffs must try this. I’m sure if they try this stuff they will leave all the other stuffs they have been using before. Such was its feeling and effect.

And also like other drugs such as weed this is not illegal all over the world. This is perfectly legal. Most people don’t know where to get this one. Most don’t know this exists throughout their life.So I have tried it once and I think I can guide you people as to where to get it. And I am posting all about it on this blog.

This drug also doesn’t kill. It won’t affect your body parts or brain. It will help in molding your brain. This drug releases a lot of dopamine and testosterone into the brain which changes your brain chemistry and makes you smarter and bold.

 Cognitive neuroscientist Ian Robertson explains that “This drug shapes us more powerfully than genetics and other drugs.”

This drug has some side effects, but I will tell you about it later and also the step to overcome it. And the drug I am talking about is,


Some of you might have guessed it and others might have thought ” WOW! What a lame way to deliver a point!”. But I am still putting this question forward “How you tried this drug?” If no, you must try it once. And as I said it is the most addictive drug in the world and it is the best feeling in the world. No denying. People who’d tried it will know about it.

Well as I have mentioned success as a drug, let’s talk about it scientifically and not philosophically. As a drug it affects the brain chemistry and I am going to talk about it. These are proven facts and are not mere philosophical things.

Lets assume you are in a competition. While in a competition or in a big event or in a big thing in their life, the competitors or participants usually secrete a tons of amount of testosterone. Adrenaline, yes and also testosterone.

So testosterone also affects the brain chemistry. But for now we are not concentrating on testosterone. The testosterone released during a competition has two form of effects,

  1. Winner effect
  2. Loser effect

Winner effect:

The winner effect is only experienced by the winner or the winners of the game. Their testosterone secreted on their brain will give them a shot of dopamine. This in turn gives the world’s best feeling. It gives confidence and sharpness. It makes us bold and stronger to face harder struggles in the future.

Loser effect: 

The one side effect I told about this success drug is the loser effect. While the winner gets the best feeling in the world. The testosterone level in the loser brain falls which makes them cheeky and aggressive. This is why you feel sad and angry after losing a game or a sport.

So now people who had a taste of this success drug please tell me about its effect and your feeling on the comments section. Guys seriously you will never get a drug like this in your lifetime.

And as promised I will tell how to overcome this small side effect of loser effect. Well the loser effect is happening because one thinks of themselves as the loser. But  who defines success?

If you can’t succeed at first, redefine success.

The only way to overcome this loser effect is by defining success for yourself. For instance, why did I post this blog? On what did I succeed?  So last month there was this huge competition for public speaking. So I applied and uploaded a video of myself speaking along with other 4000 students all over the state.

I got shortlisted for the second round. I got shortlisted to 120 students from those 4000. I have always wanted to be a great public speaker. And on my first public speaking competition I got shortlisted to 120. Wow well that was a great thing to happen and I was pretty much satisfied with this.

But also I prepared for the next round. I was really nervous when I got there. The testosterone level raised. Finally my turn for speaking came. And BANG! I spoke like a professional speaker. Even I wasn’t expecting that much from me. I didn’t know I could speak so good in front of a crowd!

Well I didn’t make it to the next  round. But guess what, I was not on the loser effect. I was on the winner effect. Even though I didn’t win, I was a winner for myself.  I got the dopamine shot in my brain. Now I will speak good and confidently infront of a crowd and I am pretty sure about it.

So that’s one way to overcome the side effect of the success drug. Its not setting limit for yourself. But win yourself. Do better than the last time. This will give the feeling of a winner and you will not fall for the loser effect.

So I want each and everyone of my readers to get their hand on this drug and try it and feel it. Over perform yourself each time. You don’t need to win to be a winner. Its all a mindset game.

Try it once and you will work harder to get that the next time. Find something you love and get shot by dopamine.


Wear Helmet! Be Safe! Life is Precious!

In Memory of Aravind Anna.

I am now with a heavy heart. Today one of our brothers’ had passed away on a bike accident. He had a serious a head injury and he died on the spot. We just now went to the hospital and came back. His family was there and his brother who is our classmate was there. It was really heart breaking to see a fully grown adult broken.

I cannot imagine what he was going through mentally and seriously have no idea how much pain and suffering it is.I can never imagine myself or any other guy going through such a situation. It is a worst thing to happen in ones life to lose someone so dear. Can’t imagine it. My dear one whom I saw walking in the morning is no more. How cruel it is!

Yet this is how life is. And all I can now do is contribute something in his memory and let this blog be in his memory forever. Let this be my final respects I pay for him. Let this atleast bring mind change in some people , so that the next time they ride a bike they would think of him and wear a helmet. RIP Aravind Anna. You will be remembered forever and I swear not to ride a motorbike without a helmet from now on and I will try my level best to convince everyone to do the same.

So people I am just here to literally beg you to be safe and take absolute safety measures before riding any kind of automobile. Please be cautious, please be safe while riding. Please be extremely sure that you are fit for a ride or else just skip the ride or take some rest and then ride.

According to science, our human body evolved to withstand impact forces only to humane capacities. That is our body can withstand only a force of about the level we can reach. If the maximum speed with which we can run or walk is the speed our body was evolved to withstand not more than that.

So any other kind of automobile which was man made can be a danger to our life. I am not asking you guys to banish all automobiles and walk , I am asking all of  you to follow all the safety instructions before riding in a automobile.

There is even a possibility for you to get a fatal injury by riding a bicycle. So I want all of my followers and all the bloggers reading this blog to follow traffic rules and to avoid speeding. You might look boring if you don’t speed but you will be alive and that’s what most important than looking cool.

Don’t be afraid while riding a automobile, but be extremely cautious. Be steady and be safe. Wear helmet if its a two wheeler and wear the seat belt if its a four wheeler. These are really small things in our vision but these small things are life savers. Today a person would have been alive, if he had worn a helmet.

I’m not blaming him, he wouldn’t have expected such thing to happen. But accidents happen at the most unexpected situation. That’s why they are called accidents. You might be even travelling at 20 km/hr and there are possibilities, so please take caution and be safe.

We youth have a practise of taking  three in one motorbike and also that is dangerously arrogant. Avoiding riding triples too. You might not get a grip on your vehicle when you are taking a triples and you might end up getting a fatal injury.

Whenever you are riding a vehicle, please remember your dear ones, whoever it is, just think of their life without you. Also whenever your dear ones rides a vehicle without a helmet, just think how miserable your life will be without them and ask them and even force them to wear safety gadgets.

Because it might be too late when you realize it. By that time everything might have turned upside down. I have realized it now and I want all people out there to realize it. Realize how blessed we are to have this life. Realize how easily we can damage ourselves and our surroundings. Please ride slow. You can really be late for 5 minutes than never being there.


Why I like Steve Jobs!


Well recently I got a copy of STEVE JOBS by WALTER ISAACSON. So people started asking me that why this sudden craze on Steve Jobs? So I really wanted to a blog on why I like Steve Jobs. So I watched the movie Steve Jobs which was released on 2013. Yeah I know, I watched it a little late. But I think I got the best outta it. The movie was so convincing, that it made me buy a copy of the book.

So the book is here and I have not yet read it. But I wanna post a blog stating why did I buy the book and what made a craze on Steve. So now I am posting it with my thoughts and I will do a  blog after finishing the book. Let’s see how my mindset varies after knowing the full story. But now let me share my initial views on STEVE JOBS.


So unlike other guys like Elon Musk and Gary Vaynerchuk, I like Steve Jobs not becausse he is a great entrepreneur. He is one of the revolutionaries and great entepreneur. But it is not the entrepreneur thing that made me like him. It is more than that.

The things I like about Steve are,

  1. The stage presence.
  2. The leadership.
  3. The rude behaviour.


So I know I like Steve in a eccentric way. Most people like him because he is the founder of Apple and he revolutionized the industry and blah blah blah. But fuck it all. Steve is one of the greatest public speakers of all time. He had mad speaking and presenting skill set.

When he gets on stage, the whole crowd stars listening to him. He had the capacity to mesmerize people with his word of mouth. He would do magic when he gets on the stage. There would dead silence on the crowd when Steve is on the stage. Such was his stage presence.

Well I would say he was the guy responsible for the keynote speeches to be so popular these days. He made it popular. He raised the bar that a leader of a company should have good public speaking. He kinda made it a trend that CEO’s should not only run the day to day operations, but a CEO should also sell his products on stage.

We now see all the companies doing a keynote every year and introducing new products. The pioneer for all of it was the man STEVE JOBS. He did it, he raised the bar and now we all companies following it. If making a keynote is an art then Steve is a picasso in it.

For example, the ONE MORE THING’ parts on his major keynote speeches is still a thing only he can do. For people who don’t what is One More Thing, just go to youtube and type ‘Steve Jobs One more thing’ and you will find how mesmerizing it is. He also know how to cheer and make up with the crowd whenever there is a technical issue in the product or in his speeches.

That’s the power of Steve Jobs and that’s how convincing his stage presence was. I have always wanted to work on my speaking skills. Whenever I work on my speaking skills I set a benchmark. That benchmark is ‘a day should come when people talk about my stage presence, like I am talking about Steve’s stage presence’.


Yeah well everybody knows that Steve Jobs is a great leader. The best reign on apple was when Steve Jobs was the CEO. That was the time for innovation and creativity. That was the time of revolution in the industry. Steve was the kinda guy who always wanted simple for the users. He was ready to risk anything to produce a user friendly product.

We people now using smartphones, laptops and desktops must thank him. He was the guy responsible for all this. He made everything user friendly and that is why we are able to learn everything easily and work on our devices. Previously only trained technicians can work on computers. Steve made it all simple for us. He always focused on making things simpler for the user.


So how was it actually possible. How did the total innovation on technology industry came from one company? What was the thing that made this company innovate like no one else did? The answer I would is Steve Jobs and like minded people. 

The innovation on tech industry was lying dormant. People had a mindset that computers are only for high end research purposes. But Steve saw the potential in it. Not only he saw the potential but he gathered a group of like-minded people and applied it. He was not technically so strong. But he did know his shit. He knew how to make people innovate. He did know where to place his bet.

He knew where to risk, he knew how to motivate people to work. He knew how to schedule things. Steve Woz. once mentioned about working with Jobs. He said one could work all day without getting tired, if Jobs was around. Such was the energy he had. His presence will be a power or like a battery for people to work. Such a great motivator and doer he was.

And also as a leader he did had vision for his company, which had now made Apple the first trillion dollar company. And as a leader he did know how to sell his products. There were people buying apple products just because of Steve Jobs. He developed such a belief and relationship with customers.

Also if you go to youtube and type Steve Jobs stage failures, you will not see Steve fail.You will see technical errors on the products while Steve is on stage and when you see how he engages with the crowd when this happens, you will see how great a leader he was. Most would panic on such situations but he will be all cool about it as if its not an issue.


Well there were a lot of talks about it. Most said that if there was one wrong in Steve, it was his rude behaviour. But I have a different perspective on this.

Being nice is not my job ¬ STEVE JOBS.

I would say he was the guy, who had perfectly understood his game and had known how to run the show. He fired people at will. Yes I accept that it was really a wrong thing to do. But if we see it from his perspective, we must say that it was the right thing to do. He wanted to make a dent in the universe, as the man himself said. For a man with such high thoughts and such great ambition, he was right.

He wanted to build great products, which were impossible to make then. So it was natural that he wanted people who believed that they can do the impossible. So he always was rude and he fired people who was pessimistic. He wanted people to work with a great ambition and faith.

And so just like removing weed, he removed toxic people out of his company so that they can do wonders. And they did wonders. He was also very rude and specific about deadlines too. That’s why he was able to deliver products at correct time. So I would say his rude behaviour was nullified by the great products he brought to the world, it was nullified by the value he brought to the world.


So I would say that Steve Jobs was this perfect entrepreneur who brought change and value to the world. He was really great as I see him now. But there were some things, about his family he was not good about.

They say he was a great entrepreneur, but was not a great family man or a father. But I don’t know about any of those stuffs. So lemme read about him. I will read the book and research and I will give my final perspective about Steve Jobs on another blog. Let us see Steve Jobs not as a business man but as a human being and analyze what kinda guy he was. I am not a great guy to comment on him. But I will surely give my perspective without any hesitations.


What happened, Elon Musk?


Most of us now know this dude above! Dude trying to send cars into space, trying to take on another planet, digging holes in earth saying that he is going to reduce traffic, making cars which drives themselves, build factories so big to make batteries and selling hats and not a flamethrower.

Honestly we all can talk about him a whole day, and I guess a day won’t be enough.  Such big were things he did. But still it won’t be respect if I don’t atleast some of his achievements. So Elon Musk did,

  1. Started three companies and became CEO of two of them. Making sure the day to day operations are efficient enough.
  2. Took great risk by investing the money had. Such was his courage.
  3. Designed the first successful electric car. Developed cutting edge technology on car industry. The arrangement of battery pack to maintain the center of gravity is one example.
  4. Didn’t patented EV. He left his design in open forum inviting companies to develop EV. He wanted the environment to be safeguarded. While asked about it he said “If we are in a sinking ship and I have a better design for bucket, I must provide the design to everybody or else everybody will sink.”
  5. Designed and launched the world’s most powerful rocket THE FALCON HEAVY and it was successful. It can carry nearly 140000 pounds of payload and its reusable.

Okay these were some breakthroughs he did in his industries. But most of us know all about it. So I don’t want to bore you guys. This image will sum up his journey,


But recently the name Elon Musk was made a name of controversy. What really is happening to Elon? Why he is doing such things?

Recently there was many a controversies surrounding Elon Musk. Everyone is confused with what’s happening and some people think Elon has gone mad. Some of the recent controversies are,

  • He tweeted on taking tesla private, which a caused tesla shares to jump and fall in share market.
  • He called one of the guys in the Thai cave rescue as Pedophile, which also affected Tesla stocks.
  • He smoked a joint on Joe Rogan podcast session which also inturn caused bumps in Tesla stocks.

So all these things had effect on tesla stocks and it made people question the ability of Elon Musk running the companies. Most people started saying ElonMusk must take sometime off the company.

When asked about it, Elon was cool. He said “If there is a able person to run the company, I will step down and concentrate on SpaceX.” Also in an interview with the New York Times Elon said that this year was really excruciating for him. He admitted it was really hard to run two different companies at the same time.

This made people think if Elon was depressed and was not mentally stable to run a company. So basically people want Elon Musk to step down from Tesla. They just comment on the greatest mind alive on the word, just throwing dung at him.

So guys we need to think before acting. So if Elon is depressed? Of course yes. How many of us know his work schedule? How many of us know that he flies between the production lines of both the companies daily?

He is a bloody human and he works 120 hours a week. And a week has 168 hours. So the math is basically he works a whole 5 days of a week. 

And people expect him to be perfect guy. We are not perfect. Nobody is perfect. Its really a big thing he still is sane. I bet, no human in this world could work 120 hours a week. he does all these things and still keeps his both the companies alive. He strives day in and day out to keep them alive.

We know all the achievements he did. But still we care about him smoking a joint. He didn’t even take a good puff. How many of you had really listened to the whole podcast session of Elon Musk with Joe Rogan? The podcast session was about 165 minutes and it was completely informative. Elon spoke a bunch of important things. He spoke about,

  1. The Boring company and Hyperloop
  2. Artificial Intelligence
  3. Social media and simulation.
  4. Tesla, Electric cars and the future.
  5. Solar power.

These are the important things he spoke and about and they were completely informative. And did this bother us? No we care about he drinking whiskey and smoking a joint?

He openly admitted that running  car company is really difficult. But yet still he don’t complain. He still works. He still trying to produce 5000 model 3’s a week. He is also now working on the BFR mission to moon.

A lot of things is happening around Elon and people should start seeing through their brains instead of eyes. There are fuel based car companies going down because of him producing and creating awareness about EV. There are traditional space companies such as Boeing and Lockheed&Martin losing money and projects because of him producing low cost and reusable rockets.Just think about it?

People should start study, analyse and understand the truth. Instead of believing whatever is on the internet.

The lion standing against a group of wolfs.

Time is Running!

There are lot a motivation stuffs online and there are more motivational speakers in the world. Those people motivate people a lot. They counsel with people and help them to put perspective in their life. But the one strong motivation in life is the one that comes from the inside.

All these motivational people may help you out of tough situations and provide you a guideline. But you must be self motivated. These stuffs can help in sometimes. But people can’t rely on them a long time. They only give a spark of motivation which you must develop it into a flame. Its in your hands to stay motivated or stay broke.

So motivation must come from the inside. It must make you stay consistent and do your thing even when you are at the verge of a failure. So that kinda motivation is gonna stay forever.So trying to find that kind of motivation I came up with this,


Yes!This gives us the permanent kinda motivation we need. This provides me with perspective because this is one harsh truth. You know harsh truths always hit us in the face with bricks. I love speaking and accepting harsh truths in my life. So whenever I feel I am wasting away, this hits me in the face.

You’re gonna die ¬ Gary Vaynerchuk

This one line from Gary Vee gave me this perspective in life. Its true right. We all will die someday. And when I die, I don’t want to become a guy filled with regrets. I don’t wanna die with having a heavy heart that I did not do that in that age. I did not try that while I was still young.

I want to die a complete man. I want to die a man who had tried everything he liked in his life, no matter if I sucked in it. So this regret thing and time is flying away thing scares the shit out of me.

Honestly guys, remember the past five years in your life. Did it feel like five years? Nope. It didn’t. Ask yourself. Count the things you had done in the past five years of your life, that you had always wanted to do. I am sure that there will be only a few things.

I am happy about one thing. 2018  had been a productive year for me so far. I wish it would continue to be productive. But what made this year productive is that I feared a lot about future. Most people would say never fear about the future. But I would say its okay to have a bit of fear about future in your pocket because its a great motivator.

Because they help you to plan the present according to your goals and thoughts. So its good to have fear of future and time, so that we don’t we waste away our lives being over optimistic. Nothing will happen as expected even we plan perfectly. So think about people who don’t have a plan.

Gary Vee used to say that its never late to do anything you like. Respects. But I can’t accept him saying that 40’s and 50’s in life is still young. You can still do things in life but you can’t be as efficient as you are in your 20’s and 30’s. So I say plan and put everything into work for time is flying.

Its good to speak about and see in movies that people without plan succeed and satisfied in life. But guys I speak harsh truths. In a practical world there is less probability that people without plan succeed and satisfied. You will always have worries and thing to catch.

You can ask me if people with plans have no worries. They do have worries, but I don’t call those worries. I call it the process. The process they do in their plan.They won’t be worried about it. They will be loving it. They will love the challenges in their way. They will tackle it with enthusiasm. They will not be weeping about it.

So peeps, cut negativity out of your life for time is running out.

Stop being hard on yourself for time is running out.

Stop giving a fuck about other opinion on your life for time is running out.

Stop satisfying others and start satisfying yourself for time is running out.

Start fearing future for time is running out.

Start listing things you love for time is running out.

Start doing shit you love for time is running out.

If you look up at life its really a short trip. Enjoy it. Live it on your terms. Make sure you die without any regrets.