do it now OR!? !

I have already did many  videos and vlogs on not wasting time and I am going to consistently repeat it until people get it. I have got a perfect example today on what will happen if you don’t cash in your passion or what is happening in today’s world.

You want that one piece of motivation to get your mindset towars your passion. Well here it is. This blown my mind and motivated me like ‘Do your work everyday bitch or this will happen to you one day and you will regret and be wasted’. Lets see if it helps. I mean this is literally happening in your day to day life and you are seeing it everyday.


So I went to  a hospital today which is a diabetes speciality hospital. There I saw something which motivated like hell. There were many people out there. They were mostly around the age group of 50-70. I won’t say I saw regret in their face. I don’t know who they are and what they are. They may be really successful people in life.

But what I say is that they were there for their sugar and diabetes test and pressure test. There was married couples and also people who came alone. They were mostly of 50+ of age.

I mean look they have to give blood and urine in the morning at 6 without eating anything and again some blood after 2 hours after eating. The people usually eat there and stay in the hospital for 2 hours. And they give blood and also then they wait for hours to get their blood reports and then for more than a hour to consult the doctor.

And some people had to do weekly tests. They had to consult doctor every week. Their children didn’t have time to come with them. They were alone to the tests. I am not blaming their children . They have their work and other stuffs.

And here is the breaking point. Consider yourself in that age. Will you be any different? I guess not.

There should not be an ounce of regret in your eyes at that age. That’s real success. If you regret anything at that time then I say life is done with. The living is done with. Everything is done with. Cause you won’t have the power in your body to do things. This is some shit that will happen in your life in the nearest future. Not any fancy shit. If this doesn’t motivate you nothing can.

Consider the time and energy you have now. Consider what will happen if you invest this time and energy on things you love. You will feel satisfied in life in the future. This is the time in life where you can stay all night long without sleeping and play PUBG. This is the time where you can eat fast foods and stay without a problem.This is the time to do thing you love. If you don’t it will become regret.

You can go for a roller coaster ride and bunchee jumping. Your body will accept pressure and depression in this age. If you don’t do things between 20-50 you won’t be able to do anything  in the rest of your life.

You can waste straight five years of life and still remain young.

Now consider this gift and go work the hell out on your passion or weep on your regrets in the future.


Pollution by IT people.

This is something I saw today with my own eyes. People only see bigger problems like factories and industries and ignore the things happening in every day life.

My brother is working on a reputed IT company located in Ramanujan IT city,Thiruvanmiyur,Chennai. Today due to some reasons I went to the IT park.

As I am not allowed inside the IT park I waited near the exit gate of the IT city. There I saw something that really made me angry. There were about 70000 people working on that IT park. People left the office in their cars. Nearly everyone were using their own cars. There were only one or two person per car. I will list out some of the cars I saw.

  1. Tata Indica – 4 seater.
  2. Nexa Baleno – 4 seater
  3. Tata Aria – 6 seater.
  4. Toyoto Innova – 6 seater.
  5. Volkswagen Vento – 4 seater.
  6. Hyndai i series – 4 seater.
  7. BMW X1 – 6 seater.
  8. Audi Q7 – 8 seater.
  9. Range Rover – 6 seater.
  10. Land Rover – 6 seater.

These are some of the I saw today. I also saw much more But I wanted to provide just some examples. So I guess this enough to know the point I would like to say.

People would only like to talk about pollution control  and are not ready to implement it in their life. 

I mean guess the amount of diesel will be used per day by these people. And this only in one IT city. Chennai has a number of IT parks like these. In India there are many cities with these IT parks. Guess the petroleum consumption and pollution.

I am not saying people should not use vehicles. I am just saying people should not use four wheelers for a single people usage. This will abruptly decrease the pollution and also decrease the traffic congestion in urban areas saving time and man power. I totally agree that it is difficult to do this. You can’t just allow random people in your vehicle. But atleast people should try and travel with their friends. They can also share the fuel price. Also they might do a timetable as to use whose vehicles each day so that pollution and congestion might reduce.

There are also people using buses and cabs everyday to reach office. Hats off to them. They sacrifice time to travel in cabs and buses. But it could be done by all for the greater good.

Government too can implement rules and regulations to reduce vehicle usage instead of implementing some other shitty rules actually. Government and people can work together towards a better and sustainable life.

You might think like ‘Dude who the hell is this guy’ or ‘Lets see what he does while he comes to office’. But I am just a guy speaking harsh truths and things in my mind. So I guess this blog atleast change the mind of some people.

Life towards sustainbality.

How did Elon Musk revolutionize the world?

How did he not?

Everything and anything Elon did was a revolution. He is a genius and people like him are born once in a century. If its Einstein for the last century then its Elon for this century. His name will be in the history of humans forever.

There must be a reason to wake up every morning – Elon Musk

This one quote reveals all his doing and the things he is doing.

Some things he revolutionized are,


Electric cars have their history even before the advent of IC engine vehicles. The successful IC engine car was developed after the failure of the electric car. So electric car were in the back of human minds for centuries. But nobody did know how to do it. So IC engines succeeded and electric vehicles were wiped from human mind.

Then came the problem of pollution after IC engines. The pollution was also uncontrollable and the fossil fuels were also depleting. People were graving for alternate vehicles. Scientist cracked their head.

Then came the genius prodigy. He made the dizziest day dreams of all humans come true. He established Tesla. He arranged the battery pack in eccentric way to maintain the centre of gravity of vehicle and he redefined the electric cars.

The only problem with the EV is that the battery weight is so high and also that the battery heated so fast resulting in lesser efficiency. What he did is he arranged small Li-Ion batteries in vertical manner in different compartments and also he made coolant liquid to pass through the gap between these compartments so that the heating would be reduced. So the weight distribution were also equal and efficiency of the car also increased.

Tesla become the first company after years to be established successfully. It is the first successful electric vehicle company to be established. After cheverlot, Tesla was the successful automobile company to be established.

All other automobile startups failed in one or the other way. But Tesla is still hustling to be functional everyday. They faced the verge of bankruptcy and came back. To me Tesla is a person beaten to death and came back after several set of treatments. Such a guy will be strong and will not fail easily.


This has been in the mind of Elon Musk since childhood. No one expected this kinda things in the space industry. The rocket used to send human to the moon had the computing power of a calculator. The space industry did not evolve for so many years as the other industries. They were not innovating considering the safety and cost factor.

The space industry was costly so that many countries were unable to invest in that. Elon wanted to change that. He wanted to reduce the major thing that is cost per launch. He made it through years of burning through cash and years of pain and patience.

While the ULA made a lauch for about $422 million SpaceX did it for about $200 million per launch. I am quoting more than the cost per launch of space X. Also he did landed the first stage of the rocket after separation which none had even thought of. This reduced the cost of next launch to about 100 million. So definitely space X can do about 3 to 4 launches for the cost ULA did one launch.

He recently launched the FALCON HEAVY which is the most powerful rocket in human history.This is also a key thing spaceX had done in space industry. They are also working on BFR and Dragon capsule for civilizing human in mars.

If something is important enough and you believe in it enough, you do it even if the odds are not in your favor -Elon Musk

This is only a small part of his success and there is more and more things he revolutionized. Behind it lies years and years of hard work. I can tell more of the things he did. But it will take pages and I will keep on typing. So if you wanna know more follow my blog The Nerd .

What more one should revolutionize in life?

What is success?

While most people succeed in life and get praised. I would like to know the definition of success.

What is success?

Well I have a definition for success in my life.

Success is doing something you decide to do in your mind without procrastination and also overcoming your fears and struggles in the process.

So according to me success is something that happens everyday in life. Not the end story of someone is success. Everyday story of some is success.

Did I succeed?

  1. I decided to write more and more answers in quora which I am doing for the past week. Yay!! I succeeded. (patting my shoulders)
  2. I decided not to skip the lunch everyday.I have not skipped lunch for some days. Yay!! I succeeded. (patting my shoulders)
  3. I decided to start a blog and vlog. I have my blog and the process for vlog is going on well. Yay!! I succeeded. (patting my shoulders)
  4. I decided to do pour content everyday in my blog. But I am not blogging everyday. Uh oh!! No pats now.
  5. I decided to try and find like minded people and have contacts with them. That’s currently not on good progress. Uh oh!! No pats now.
  6. I decided to listen to more podcasts which I am doing well and fine. Yay!! I succeeded. (patting my shoulders)

So did I succeed? Yes I guess. No I guess. Let me say partial success.

Success is not a thing that is a single happening. Success is a everyday process. So there is no success story in this world. Each and everyone in this world are on a process of success.

So what about those successful people?

The so called ‘successful people’ by people are also on their process. Successful people are just the people who had achieved a certain limit or level in the process.

Let me give me some example so everyone would understand that this is a process.

  • Elon Musk successfully established his both companies. But still Tesla has a problem in production line. Space X has not produced the BFR yet. And ultimate aim of Elon is to colonize mars. So Tesla and Space X are just the process on his way to mars.
  • Mark Zuckerberg’s ultimate goal is to build a successful communication tool for people in the world.So facebook is his process to build it.
  • Gary Vaynerchuk has a aim to buy the New York Jets on his own. So all his doings now are leading to it. He is in the process.

So these are some people popular among people who are just in the process of success. So they are on a daily basis marching towards success.

People state them as successful since they have achieved a certain level where people get interested in them and start knowing about them and they gain a social identity.

Understand that success is a process and marching towards it day by day will get you there.

Hustle and keep your nose clean and head straight. Your day will come. bug.

A lot of bugs are seen on android phones from the advent of them. A lot of them are not worth debating. But now a new bug was found which is particularly interesting and worth sharing.

So go to your google pixel search bar.

Type and see what happens.

You will see a thread of text messages you received from others to your phone.

As interesting this bug is it worries a lot of people and business. It questions the safety of their personal details. The kinda of issue Zuckerberg recently faced.

This particular bug was found by a reddit user. First it was considered to be a hardware malfunction. But as soon as everyone got the same results it is found to be a software bug.

Users of google pixel,samsung,one plus has confirmed this glitch an now me as a asus user confirms it.

Simply typing ‘my text messages’ on the google pixel search bar would bring text messages. But searching with other keywords pops up your text messages. That’s a serious issue.

Hoping google will resolve this sooner. Same result with the google assistant.

If you have enabled google assistant the access to your text messages. It reads out the messages.

This is one of the weirdest bug found as of now.

Edit 1: It is said that this bug is fixed in Android P version.

A beta user has reported that the problem was resolved. Good to know google reaches out all issues and resolves it.

Tesla’s Indian establishment.

The recent tweet of Elon Musk had caused much debates in India about the advent of Tesla in India. His tweet attached below.

Elon said he would love to establish Tesla in India. But due to strict government regulations they couldn’t unfortunately. We can expect Tesla to advent in India in about 20 years of time. The reasons are as follows.

Tesla’s Production line:

Tesla’s production line is not yet efficient. People who order a Tesla had to wait a long time in order to get it delivered.

Tesla produces about 1475 model 3 per week as of now. They are into a target of producing 5000 model 3 per week.

Also there are orders for model S and model X which is also on Tesla’s concern. Therefore before adventing in other countries Tesla must improve its production efficiency and also get delivered the cars ordered till now.

Tesla is also burning through cash and also is at the verge of bankruptcy. Hence Tesla must face and tackle much more problems than opening a factory in other countries. They have much more priorities than spreading itself.

Make in India:

India’s Make in India rule is also another reason for Tesla’s advent in India.

According to Make in India 70 percent of the components of the car must be made in India.

This is one of the government regulation Musk was mentioning about. Tesla is primarily dependent on US and European sources for their parts.Elon believes in producing good parts and he believes he can deliver good quality product only in US. Hence he has no factories established in other countries. All components are produced and manufactured only in Musk Land.

If Elon had opened any factories in India and China he can get good man power at lower cost. But he believes in USA. So he had not advented in other countries.

Cost Factor:

Tesla Model 3 which is a high volume and low priced car is tagged at $55000 at basic level and for additional suppliments and requirements you must pay extra around $20000.

So lets assume a full fledged Tesla Model 3 to be $75000. As of today lets assume an USD to be Rs.67

75000 * 67 = Rs. 50,25,000.

Adding the export costs and taxation lets assume the Tesla model 3 to be around Rs.60,00,000.

India is a developing country. India has a lot of middle class population.

Rs. 60,00,000 is not a amount that will be spent by a middle class family on a car. So Tesla doesn’t see a great market in India. Hence Elon is not onto adventing Tesla into India for now.

Tesla superchargers:

Tesla cars as of now is charged through tesla supercharging stations. Elon and his company had installed many supercharging stations in USA. So there is no problem for Tesla users in USA for charging and running out of power.

Elon had recently released the plan of supercharging station map. And there are no supercharging station planned to be installed in India as of now. So even if you buy a Tesla it cannot be charged. What is an electric car if you can’t charge it?

So the only possibility for a tesla user is to install tesla walls onto their home.Tesla wall cost around $35000. So it add up to cost factor too. So around 1 crore.

A lot of things are going around in Tesla and as of now they cannot advent in other countries.

These are some reasons why Tesla didn’t establish in other countries.There are more things which needs a detail explanation.People speak without knowing the facts. I guess this one helps.


Stop Complaining!!!


The thing I hate most in people is complaining. People nowadays complain about dumb shit. Cry and complain over things that are not so important.

I am not saying I don’t complain about things.I was complaining like everybody else over dumb shit. But I started hating complaining.You have a smartphone which works pretty good but you still complain about the i-phone you don’t have. That’s a serious problem need to be dealt with.

People should look at the positive sides of the life and stop complaining. Complaining is perfectly fine,but complain to yourself. Your friend has a bike which you love and you don’t have one. Fine complain to yourself and start working on buying the bike instead of turning the complaint into a excuse for your inability.

For people who complain on dumb shit let me introduce you to a guy named Lee Ridley. His stage name is the The Lost Voice guy.


He is a stand up comedian who is DUMB.

Yeah you saw that right,he is dumb and he is a stand up comedian. He performed in Britain’s Got Talent and went through semi-finals. He is very much deserving. He is dumb from his birth and he is 37 years old. The primary thing for success in stand up comedy is voice and delivery. He doesn’t have them both. He uses an i-pad to speak. He types them and the i-pad speaks.

He has a great sense of humour and a positive approach in life.He makes stand up comedies on his own disability. That takes a lot and lot of confidence to perform in a stage when you are dumb. He didn’t complain about being dumb and stopped chasing his passion.

He also received BBC New Comedy Awards.

Now tell me What are you complaining about?

Image Source : Google.

LostVoiceGuy videos :

Silicon Valley(Series)


I really don’t know how many had watched this series. I also am not sure about knows about silicon valley.

Everyone Silicon Valley is a place in US which is the mother for tech startups. The place is surrounded by venture capitals. If your idea is worthy you will damn sure be the next Zuckerberg. If its wall street for the stock marketing ,then its silicon valley for tech startups.

So this series Silicon Valley is about tech startups,their stages,the lifestyle of people in Silicon Valley and about the series of situations faced by the nerds and coders out there.

The story revolves around Richard Hendricks and his group of friends who had a idea for a startup and the series of problems and competitions he faces during the establishment of his company. This series is still running and it is a must watch for aspiring entrepreneurs .

Four seasons was aired and the fifth season is about to end now. Each season has 10 episodes and each episode is about 30 mins. So this will be worth the watch and watching 30 mins episode per day won’t be a much of waste in time.

Aspiring entrepreneurs must watch this one and you will get a idea about the problems you are going to face in your entrepreneurial journey. Plus for everyone around it will be so funny that you will really enjoy it. 18+ only though. Adult entertainer.I will quote a line from the series,

Its no magic,Its sweat and blood. – Gilfoyle.

If you are not going to watch this one you are going to miss a great infotainment. I recommend this to everyne who want to know about a entrepreneurs life.

How many sleepless night, hardwork,sweat,money,blood and all other things they sacrifice in order to establish a company and make this world a better place.

It will change your perspective about Mark Zuckerberg even.

Watch it guys. Great infotainment awaits.

Regret and Moving On!!!!

Hello all!!!

Its been days since I blogged. I had my exams and some other work. Hope you enjoy this one.

In life everybody has their own thick and thin.

Who is so happy and doesn’t have a problem? Everybody face tough situations each and every day. Complaining and weeping about them don’t solve shit. If something has happened we should take responsibility for it. That lacks in many people today. While there is many problems a in life and many solutions too. Some problems have only solution and that is my friends is MOVING ON!!!!

Nobody cares about what you feel or what you go through.

Believe me guys one should never mix up their personal problems with their social or professional life. That one small mistake would cost you a lot. People of my age group nowadays weep about relationships and stuffs. That is completely normal. That is an age factor. Everyone goes through this stuff at this age. But the things digital and social media overrated these stuffs. And the influence of social media in relationship life makes you lose many things.

One day if you complain about your ex as the reason that you didn’t study at grade school and college. People will say this to your face.

“That was your problem , you should have decided and moved on. “

And at that time guys you will realize that you have wasted emotion and time on dumb shit. And this thing is not only about relationships. Each and everything you waste your time, energy and money will become a regret and haunt for the entire life.

Life is not a bed of roses. I agree totally .You have to face situations and cross thorns and stones in every turn you take. But complaining about the thorn and the stone after crossing is shit.

All these looking back and complaining stuff is fucking with your neck. And one day your neck will be ice cold and won’t turn for your need and that will be the greatest regret in your life.

You think not having the fancy little bike your friend has is regret. 70 year olds looking at teenagers and feeling sad that is regret.

Be happy with what you have now and aim for the things which you don’t have now. That is the key to a positive and happy life. If you don’t have a I-phone now which your friend has don’t complain. That ain’t gonna help. Do something about it. Write it in a diary that you must gift yourself an IPhone in the future. This is called as moving on.

Grateful for the shit you have now and aiming for the shit you don’t have is the key to happy and successful life -Myself

Regret is poison. Its will suck all your happiness and kill you internally. One should never fall in the pit of regret.

Try everything you like. If you like to drink, please go and try it instead of weeping and regretting it. I’m not promoting you to drink which is bad for health. I’m trying to tell you that if you like something deep down that you long to do it , please go and do it instead of regretting it in a age you can’t do it anymore.

Please ensure you are happy and not carrying a ounce of regret and start moving on from things that are not meant for you.

Any suggestions please comment.


Everyone is unique.

So this is something I thought of writing today. Because usually get depressed over things. Things that ought not to depress them.

Everyone is unique, only few explore.

Being different is fine. Being eccentric is fine. People might think you are crazy. Don’t give a damn about others thoughts.

So when I was on school, I really had a inferiority complex. You know that during school people who shine in sports are considered to be talented. Or atleast you must be the top in the rank list to be popular. I was crazy about popularity. I wanted to be a popular student so badly.

So I tried things that are not my cup of tea. I tried sports. Man I was so fat. I didn’t know with what kind of overconfidence I tried sports. I tried every game from grade seven. I tried volleyball ,handball,football,basketball and even athletics.

I mean think of the possibility of being a fat guy with a less stamina trying to shine in sports. I was criticized and mocked at. I was a bit good at basketball. But then my concentration deviated from sports to studies during 10th grade.

So due to my obsession with popularity I started mugging up everything and started vomiting everything in the answer sheets. I didn’t know what I was studying and what I was writing.

But finally I made it in to the toppers. Our principal called in for toppers and I was in the list. Man I was flying.

Then finally arrived the final exams and all my mugging up I had done didn’t pay. Because that’s not how you study right. I was fucked during the final exams and my result was not as expected.

I really gave up as I thought I’m not unique or talented at anything.

I thought more and more and mire and more. I gave up and made my mind that I am good for nothing and started my 11th grade.

I took Biology group at my 11th grade and with ended hope I started the year. The first day a teacher came and told we had hopes in you but you failed.

Think of guy 15 year old guy with lost hopes. I mean the age is where lot of confusions come ahead and man I lost hope for life.

During my 11th and 12th grade happened the thing. I found out what I am good at. I was good at learning. I really need to thank my friends during that time.

Unlike everybody else I had a very eccentric group of friends who learn things instead of studying. I started learning. I mean I stopped mugging things and started to learn things from basics.

Although learning didn’t get me expected results I was personally satisfied. I had this feeling of satisfaction.

Then I joined college and took engineering. I started learning things. I learnt and learnt and learnt. Man I started learning things beyond my syllabi. I started learning much and much in internet.

Two years into college and I had learnt more and more things. And during college I found out what I wanted to become (see my bio).

I also found a quote that suited me.

All these learning didn’t take me into the toppers. I am still feeling satisfied. I also found out I am good at public speaking.

I am not a successful guy giving you advise, there is miles and miles for me to go. But this is one of my life experience that made me understand that ‘Everybody is unique‘.

Don’t be so hard on yourself, everybody is unique and eventually you will find out what you are good at.

Don’t compare yourself with others. That’s the biggest mistake you will ever do in your life and you will regret it in life.

I mean if you are football player and you compare your football skills with Ronaldo that’s good. But if you are football player and you compare your learning skills with me that’s shit I say.

Never lose hope on life. KFC was built by a 72 year old guy who gave up in life. He was 83 years old while becoming a millionaire.

You will never know what life brings at any time. Think that you are unique and move on. Taste things and find out what you are good at.

Never lose hope.